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Lynnette Cruickshank - Music Tutor

About Lynnette Cruickshank

Based in Leith, Edinburgh - I am an enthusiastic and motivated teacher who believes in a fun learning environment tailored to each individual student.  

After studying through Abertay University at Edinburgh college, I received a BA in Popular Music Performance with distinction. The degree had a principle study in vocals, however I also teach piano, flute, recorder, music theory and I play guitar and bass. On top of my degree, I received a distinction for my grade 8 pop vocals exam.

My vocal experience is vastly varied, as I have sung in many different styles – including classical, musicals, rock and pop.

I am PVG certified.

I love to put a fun spin on my teaching and have recently come up with a wee cartoon character "Shelly the Snail" to help my students with slowing down while playing.

I enjoy performing and composing and I released my first album, “Battery Powered” in July 2013 under the Nom de Plume Llennett.  During my degree, I began writing an original musical called “The Cassandra Effect.”

I have three cats: Bagheera, Charcoal and Kali, and I am a mum. My pronouns are she/her/hers. The photo is from when I performed with my first band. Photo by Mark Holloway.

Woman holding microphone with hand up, smiling

Teaching Experience

Sheet music with lots of pencil markings

I began teaching in Autumn, 2013, at Dads Rock Academy. After a year of volunteering, I was given the role of Lead Vocal Tutor.

In early 2015, I worked at the Portobello Music School for a term as a vocal coach.

Then, in August of 2015, I began teaching multiple instruments at Lamp House Music in Haddington.

Since 2017, I have started teaching from home and when the pandemic hit, I moved all lessons online.

I set up 2 choirs: "Melody Mummies," which was a choir for mums (or any type of guardians) and babies and an evening choir called "Sing & Gin." Sadly they're not currently in action at the moment, as they took a back seat due to the pandemic and I decided to focus primarily on teaching and my 2 bands: my solo band Llennett & and I play bass in  Auntie Vicious.


I teach children and adults. 

All ages above 7 are welcome.

I teach contemporary singing (i.e. Pop, rock, jazz etc) from beginner to advanced,

piano/keys, flute, recorder and music theory.

I can help you start from scratch, do exams, get yourself ready for auditions, or just have fun developing a hobby.


1 hour lessons are £25,

½ hour lessons are £15.


If you buy 3 lessons or more at once, you get a 10% discount on the lessons.

To book a lesson or ask a question, click here.

To view my availability, click here.

To view a full price list, click here.

Demo Recording

I offer a demo recording service (temporarily on hold due to covid restrictions)

Do you need to send in a demo to colleges or universities?

Or do you have something else in mind?

I have recorded for people in the past for birthday presents and wedding gifts.

I charge £15 per hour up to a maximum of £50 per track.

If you wish to use a pre-existing backing track, that works well. I can also offer to create a custom backing track. See below for examples.

Please get in contact to discuss this further, as it will be based on the individual.

Recording Session - woman singing at microphone with hand on headphones
Radioactive - Melanie Maie
Skye Boat Song - Caroline Reid
While you Mourn - Llennett

Here are some examples of my recording work with various artists.

The first features Melanie Maie singing "Radioactive" with a pre-bought backing track.

The second features Caroline Reid singing "The Skye Boat Song" using a backing track made with "iReal Pro." This software can create a backing track simply by inputting chord names in sequence.

The third features Llennett singing an original song, "While you Mourn." This backing track was made from scratch using "Logic Pro."

I am more than happy to create backing tracks for each individual. Pricing depends on the amount of time it takes to create one.


Testimonials of L C Music teaching
Testimonials of L C Music teaching


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact page.

Alternatively, like the "L C Music - Music Tuition & Choirs" page on Facebook:

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