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Composition, recording & Production

I offer a range of services from recording additions to your tracks, e.g. vocal harmonies or flute parts, or I can arrange a piece and add chords all from a just melody that you've written or write a theme for your podcast. See my list of the services I offer below, and because every job differs so much, please get in touch here to discuss a very competitive quote.

Examples of my work

Here are some examples of my recording work with various artists:


Skye Boat Song - Caroline Reid

The first track features Caroline Reid singing "The Skye Boat Song" using a backing track made with "iReal Pro." This software can create a backing track simply by inputting chord names in sequence.

Image by Ilja Nedilko

Radioactive - Melanie Maie

The third track features Melanie Maie singing "Radioactive" with a pre-bought backing track.

BP cover.png

While you Mourn - Llennett

The second features Llennett singing an original song, "While you Mourn." This backing track was made from scratch using "Logic Pro."

Image by Angello Pro

Summertime backing track

Finally, this is a backing track I created using sheet music and a drum loop.

Composition, recording & production services

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