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Local band recommendations



Auntie Vicious:

The Riot Girrl outfit from Sophie (Little Love), Nora (Little Love, PAL, Riarki & Hersel), & Lynnette (Llennett, Storm in a D Cup). Disco Grunge - a Queer powered up explosion of angst to make you dance - a new album out soon!

Burnt Paw.jpg

Burnt Paw

  • Burnt Paw Facebook
  • Burnt Paw Bandcamp

Captivating alternative psychedelic dreamy electric folk about quests and adventures from a Wizard. May contain references to Dragons, Cats and Mountains.

The chunks.jpg

The Chunks

  • The Chunks Facebook
  • The Chunks bandcamp

Wonky Indie group sometimes in four parts, other times in three. Fuzzy and skronky sounds do the tango with catchy poppy choruses and weavy grooves.


Gaze is Ghost

  • Gaze is Ghost Facebook
  • Gaze is Ghost bandcamp
  • Gaze is Ghost YouTube

Alternative, ethereal, spacious and bewitching baroque pop. "Spectral vocals and impressionist piano playing"

Lou McLean.jpg

Lou McLean

  • Lou McLean Facebook
  • Lou McLean bandcamp

A singer-songwriter, making riot-grrl pop about her life, specialising in sweet melodies and razor sharp lyrics.

Lisa the Beauty Queen purple woman

Lisa the Beauty Queen:

Dark electronica/hyperpop. She reminded me of Daft Punk and she was incredible live - very entrancing.

Macon Heights Woman and man

Macon Heights:

Dystopian electronica duo soundtracking a town that doesn’t exist with soaring female vocals, edgy synths and thumping beats. Formed in 2018 the duo combine pop sensibilities with distorted samples to create their own unique blend of sounds.

Mally Smith, woman

Mally Smith:

Mally is a musician & songwriter with a beautiful voice who write songs from the heart.


Maud the Moth

  • Maud the Moth Facebook
  • Maud the Moth Twitter
  • Maud the Moth Instagram
  • Maud the Moth YouTube
  • Maud the Moth Spotify
  • Maud the Moth Bandcamp

An Insect creating haunting, beautiful and hypnotic soundscapes. She "draws on a wide-ranging musical background, including traditional folk, jazz, classical, avant-garde and rock."

Mike McKenzie, man

Mike McKenzie

Mike McKenzie is an award winning singer/songwriter & producer.

The Omega Corridor, woman painting

The Omega Corridor:

Indie/post-punk. The Omega Corridor are a four-piece busy working on effects and obscure chords, in a desperate bid to create the last sound from the last band you will ever hear on your final walk of triumph or shame.

PAL band, 2 women & 1 man holding up hands with symbols drawn on hands


An all girl 3 piece band with a boy drummer!

Riarki & Hersel band, 2 women with a guitar and bass standing next to each other

Riarki & Hersel:

Abass/guitar duo. Too much reverb please.


Sha Rivari

The 21st century synth punk band providing retrofuturistic riffs for the freaks of today! What's that? A criss-cross between dark wave, garage rock, electroclash and post punk.



This amazing band exercise their own brand of punky feminist musical anarchy.

Screenshot 2023-03-23 at 09.58.48.png


  • Thundrmoon Instagram
  • Thundrmoon Bandcamp
  • Thundrmoon YouTube

Cosmic queer sounds from the moon. Electro-Synth-Wave-Dance-Punk.



  • Alexx Munroe Instagram
  • Alexx Munroe Spotify
  • Alexx Munroe Bandcamp

Alexx Munroe

Acoustic punk rock (they/them).

Joe Bone & the Dark Vibes, triangle with an eye inside.

Joe Bone & the Dark Vibes:

Music with an edge "Joe Bone sounds to me like a Scottish Dr John for the 21st Century," (Tom Robinson, BBC).

Lana Wild, woman

Lana Wild

Noisy female singer-songwriter from Edinburgh. Sometimes solo, sometimes loud. Debut album coming soon!

Further afield

Further afield!

  • Kiss Me Killer Facebook
  • Kiss Me Killer YouTube

Kiss Me Killer (Bristol)

Punky feminist anarchy with some B-52s energy thrown into the mix!

Super Burner.jpg

Super Burner (Newcastle)

  • Super Burner Facebook
  • Super Burner Twitter
  • Super Burner Instagram
  • Super Burner Bandcamp
  • Super Burner YouTube

Fuzzed up disco, fart rock pumping from the North East, UK

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