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Upcoming & past gigs

Upcoming gigs!

Friday - 8th September 2023

Leith Depot - Leith Walk, Edinburgh

What better way to celebrate Sha Rivari's 40th birthday than to have a right good shindig at the best venue in Edinburgh, Leith Depot, with support from yours truly (Llennett) and Cod O'Donnell and the Cryptids. Not to mention a secret special guest!

Click here for more updates as they come and to purchase your tickets in advance! Tickets are £5 in advance or £7 at the door (or pay what you can).

This will be a birthday bash to remember, so bring your best dancing gear and be ready to party the night away with us!

Past gigs!


Saturday - 29th July 2023

Legends - Edinburgh

It’s been 10 years since Llennett’s debut album, “Battery Powered” hit the shelves, so we put on a party to celebrate it, and boy, you came out and partied hard! We had a night of incredible music – stunning singers, brilliant bassists, sensual synth, glorious guitars & dynamic drums – put it together, and it was I night that I did not want to end!

PAL - An all-girl 3-piece band from Edinburgh with a boy drummer! Energetic Fun Delightful Trio formed by a lobster-clawed pop Svengali. PAL’s live shows have been described as "riot girl stand-up" and "speed dating for losers."

Thundermoon - Cosmic queer sounds from the moon bringing you electro-Synth-Wave-Dance-Punk! They make the thunder, you bring the snacks. Their DIY electronic drum beats are carefully crafted into the wee hours, with retro Korg arpeggiator riffs with punchy lyrics and amazing 3-part harmonies, with the help of many cats. Songs to drown out capitalism and dance in the forest with your pals to.

Thurs - 22nd June 2023

Sketchy Beats Café - Great Junction Street, Edinburgh

Newcomer old school gothy rock band Dark Hearts gave a gig, supported by rocky singer-songwriter talent Llennett.

Sketchy Beats Café is a not-for-profit arts café on Great Junction Street, Leith. The space is an open platform for creatives of any kind to use and share their ideas with the public.

Dark Hearts & Llennett 22 June 2023.jpg
Wee Red Bar 27th May.jpg

Sat - 27th May 2023

Wee Red Bar - Lauriston Place, Edinburgh

A very last minute change to this gig meant that instead of Auntie Vicious playing, Llennett stepped in to support Suffrajitsu & Bufundas.

Suffrajitsu are an amazing punky feminist band with great songs to march and mosh to, and the Bufundas mesh different genres together to make kick-ass tunes to make you wanna dance!

There was an amazing performance from drag artist Butch Ca$hidy!

Sat - 18th March 2023

St Vincents Chapel - St Vincent's Street, Edinburgh

Fuzz Bat Gigs presents the Spring Equinox All-Dayer. A fantastic line-up at a cracking venue.

The Sound Priestess: "Multi instrumentalist, gong master, sound witch and one half of Chanting Temples." Organic ambient ritual drones.

Ali Sha Sha: Psychedelic dream pop "born from the memories of mountains, exploring the ephemeral nature of love and life."

Burnt Paw: Captivating alternative psychedelic dreamy electric folk about quests and adventures from a Wizard. May contain references to Dragons, Cats and Mountains.

Unwavering: Purveyor of subterranean stark, minimal and cavernous drone folk guiding you through that trip over the mountains or through the woods.

Bell Lungs: Psychedelic dream-pop drone ambience songstress. "Her music takes a freewheeling, magpie attitude to ambient, noise, free improvisation, psychedelia, jazz, post-rock, minimalism and folk, creating subtly shifting sound worlds"

Puppet Midnight: Alternative frantic angular indie punk solo bass with vocals telling tales of burning mattresses, puppets, animals and Greek mythology amongst other things. "Possibly the oddest thing I've ever posted" - TheFudlip

Maud The Moth: An Insect creating haunting, beautiful and hypnotic soundscapes. She "draws on a wide-ranging musical background, including traditional folk, jazz, classical, avant-garde and rock."

Gaze Is Ghost: Alternative, ethereal, spacious and bewitching baroque pop. "Spectral vocals and impressionist piano playing"

Poster by Ali Sha Sha and The Sound Priestess.

Spring Equinox Poster2 .jpg



Fri - 11th November 2022

Leith Settlements - Leith Walk, Edinburgh

Back in Spring 2020, Puppet Midnight started writing material for his 2nd album, a Greek Mythology concept album following the journey of a human to the realm of Hades (The Underworld). It is set to feature collaborations from a bunch of lovely, talented folks. For this gig, he played it all the way through in its current shape.

The delightful pair of Zed Paysanne and Llennett will play beforehand as support to help enhance the magicalness of the evening.

So in reverse order of appearance...

Puppet Midnight: Alternative frantic angular indie punk solo bass with vocals telling tales of burning mattresses, puppets, animals and Greek mythology amongst other things.
"Possibly the oddest thing I've ever posted"-TheFudlip

Zed Paysanne: Matt of Zed Penguin doing solo instrumental minimal guitar pieces. Dramatic twists and turns with some vaguely country leanings and just the right amount of skronky sounds.

Sat - 24th September 2022

Banshee Labyrinth - Niddry Street, Edinburgh

PAL are turning 10 years old! We celebrated in style with Llennett and The Chunks!

Pal - An all-girl 3-piece band from Edinburgh with a boy drummer! Energetic Fun Delightful Trio formed by a lobster-clawed pop Svengali. PAL’s live shows have been described as "riot girl stand-up" and "speed dating for losers."

The Chunks - "Uncle indie" with kick ass basslines and brilliant tunes to dance to!

There was even birthday cake!

Poster designed by the brilliant Charlie!

PAL's 10th birthday2.jpg



Thursday - 18th July 2019

Sneaky Pete's (Opium) - Cowgate, Edinburgh

Krow is a band of 7 fierce women playing metal - what an incredible show they put on! You can't help but dance to their incredible riffs and feminist anthems!

EBB - "Prog... but with songs." What fantastic songs and an amazing guitarist and vocals.

This gig was super eventful, starting at Sneaky's until it was deemed unfit to open, so we had to move to Opium! Thankfully, they could accommodate us last minute.


28th August 2016

Leith Beer Company, Edinburgh

A Pressure Valve gig at Leith Beer Company whilst I was very pregnant! Photo by Gil Shuster.

Pressure Valve 28 08 16.jpg

Wed - 7th September 2016

Boundary Bar, Edinburgh

Photo by Waysted Photography (from another gig)

Fri - 19th August 2016

Blind Poet, Edinburgh

Pressure Valve gig. Photo by Waysted Photography.


Tue - 9th August 2016

Bannermans, Edinburgh

Pressure Valve gig. Photo by Waysted Photography.

27th July 2016

Boundary Bar, Edinburgh

Competition at the Boundary for which I won joint first place with Chelsea Duke! Photo by Waysted Photography (from another gig).


Fri - 22nd July 2016

The Box, Glasgow

I did an acoustic set in Glasgow - sadly I didn't write down anywhere who I played with, although I'm sure it was the night I played with Glasgow band, Beltur, who have some great tunes!

Photo by Waysted Photography (from another gig!)

19th June 2016

Leith Beer Company, Edinburgh

Pressure Valve gig. Photo by Deborah Mullen.


Fri - 27th May 2016

Bannermans, Edinburgh

Doomsday album launch! Featuring them as the headlining act with Llennett & Rabbit Punch supporting. This was the one and only gig this line-up played!

Photo by Waysted Photography

Fri - 4th March 2016

The Box, Glasgow

I did an acoustic set in Glasgow. Photo by Waysted Photography (from another gig!)


30th January 2016

The Blind Poet, Edinburgh

I did a solo acoustic set - testing out my vocal pedal for the first time. Other artists on the bill were Wesley and Melissa Bradd- a brother and sister duo, as well as The Mean Reds. After the acts was an open mic night.

Photo by Waysted Photography.


Fri - 21st November 2014

The Hub, Gilmerton

I played a solo acoustic set alongside the wonderful Andie & Sam, Karen Stanford, Tom Coyne & Samantha E with Karen S.

Screenshot 2023-06-02 at 18.13.49.png

Wed - 16th July 2014

The Box, Glasgow

Line up - Anderson Fry on bass, Mike McKenzie on drums & Daniel Middleton on guitar

Tues - 20th May 2014

Edinburgh College, Sighthill, Edinburgh

Yes, I'm including my end of year show for my degree, as people could come to see us play. Our set was amazing - we played favourites from my grunge heroes, such as Skunk Anansie, Pearl Jam and A Perfect Circle. I got a distinction. Many thanks to Anderson Fry, Mike McKenzie, Daniel Middleton & Sam Maya who worked so hard to help me put this show together!


Wed - 7th May 2014

Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh

We did a practice gig for the degree show at the Banshee Labyrinth along with my fellow student Jake, whose band was called Jake Poynter and the Bare Back Brothers.



9th October 2013

Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

This was a super last minute gig where I supported Dead Echoes - an incredible band that I absolutely love. And this is where I met Andy, who now plays bass in Llennett! He played guitar in Dead Echoes.

Photo by Graeme Ross.

Llennett Henry's Graeme Ross.jpg
Screenshot 2023-06-02 at 21.25.47.png

30th September 2013

The Box, Glasgow

A gig with Stu Bell on guitar & Euan Chalmers on drums, Lynnette taking the vocals and bass.

14th September 2013

Citrus Club, Edinburgh

Other acts of the night included Begbie Boyle, The Rhemedies & Frantic Chant.


Photo by Laurence Taylor

Llennett Citrus Club 7.JPG

25th August 2013

Serenity Café, Edinburgh

A Festival event called David Roberts & Guests. A mix of music, comedy & spoken word. Including The Omega Corridor.

Photo by Mel Maguire.

18th August 2013

Serenity Café, Edinburgh

A Festival event called David Roberts & Guests. A mix of music, comedy & spoken word. Including Laura Guthrie, Philip Rainford, Matt Nagin, Alex Hoyle, Sadie Beauchamp & Sophie Somerville.

Comic Book.jpg
Image by Dan Cristian Pădureț

14th August 2013

Cowshed, Edinburgh

A Festival event where artists played on hay bells in a pop-up venues and folk would chuck tips in a milk bucket! Loads of fun!

Sat - 13th July 2013

Banshee Labyrinth, Edinburgh

We had a huge party to celebrate the release of our first album, "Battery Powered." To kick off the night, we had quirky, upbeat happy vibes from Little Love and the Friendly Vibes, the deep, dark and mysterious tunes from Sacre Noir, the brilliant indie tunes you can bop to from Glasgow - Hot Jupiter and finally the brilliant blues rock with the most amazing vocals - Black Jack.

We were supposed to have a compère for the evening, but they cancelled, so Steve & Sophie from Little Love stepped in and did an amazing job!

I could not have asked for a better launch night for our first album!

Battery Powered album launch poster.jpeg
Blind Poet 7.jpg

30th June 2013

Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

Other acts of the night were Errant Boy & Harvey Lanes.

Photo by Waysted Photography (from another gig).

9th February 2013

Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh

We competed in the Battle of the Bands at the Liquid Rooms. We played with/competed against Nettles, Qui Dietly, Last Minute Glory, Latitude Fifty-Five, Exit the Theatre & Campbells Wild.

Sadly we didn't get round to the next heat, but it was an amazing venue to play, and the crowd were excellent!

Photo by Simon Messer.

Battle of the bands.jpg
Llennett  Dundee Redd gig 017.JPG

3rd February 2013

Club Redd, Dundee

After Lynnette did guest vocals for a song for an independent horror film called "Olivia," we played a gig in Dundee to help fundraise to make the movie. Other acts were The Trade, Sonnet 85, Emerald Sunday & Vanishing People.

Photo by Stephanie Baker-Nicholson.

Wee Red Bar 01_02_13 4.jpg

1st February 2013

Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh

We played the great Wee Red Bar alongside The Cosmonauts and The Omega Corridor.


13th December 2012

Wee Red Bar, Edinburgh

We played a fundraiser for the Zero Tolerance 20th birthday party. They're a Scottish charity that helps to promote equality, and they work to end violence against women.

Other acts on the bill were the brilliant Seafield Foxes & The Watch Thieves.

Photo by Kevin McCann.

Llennett Zero Tolerance Wee Red Bar 004.jpg
Llennett Henry's Graeme Ross 2.jpg

15th November 2012

Teviot Underground, Edinburgh

A night put on by Katet Presents - I played a solo acoustic set alongside Rob Loughney, Tom Coyne, Rhys Kirkman & Yogi.

Photo by Graeme Ross (from another gig).

21st September 2012

Leith Dockers Club, Edinburgh

Steve & Lynnette played the ECAP & ACE Benefit gig alongside the Seafield Foxes, Glassface, & Sam Barber & the Outcasts. Photo by Laurence Tayler (from another gig).

Pat's Divorce Party_Llennett 1st gig 4.jpg
Blind Poet 3.jpg

14th September 2012

Bannermans, Edinburgh

Katet presents - with The Blueswater Project, In a Dollhouse & Abandoned Stars - an amazing prog rock band with some great riffs and brilliant tunes, I highly recommend their EP!

Photo by Waysted Photography (from another gig)

Fri - 13th July 2012

Bannermans, Edinburgh

A We played with More Than Conquerors.

Photo by Laurence Taylor.

Llennett Bannermans 20.JPG
Llennett Bannermans 10.JPG

25th June 2012

Bannermans, Edinburgh

Katet Presents - the Post Apocalyptic Party! With Alasdair Kampff, Mothertone & Rob Loughney.

Photo by Laurence Taylor (from another gig).

Sat - 25th May 2012

Henry's Cellar Bar, Edinburgh

Llennett's first ever gig! This was with the line-up: Lynnette & Steve. The night was Pat's Divorce Party (what a great idea to celebrate that!) Pat put on an amazing show. We played with The Seafield Foxes, Sister Bitch (now known as The Omega Corridor), Sacre Noir, Acid Facists & Babylon Dub Punks. There was cake and we had an amazing time!

Pat's Divorce Party_Llennett 1st gig 28.jpg
Pat's Divorce Party_Llennett 1st gig 3_edited.jpg
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