Meow or Me mo ma ma exercise

Ha ha exercise

This one is great for getting to grips with diaphragmatic breathing. Think about a time you have belly laughed and try to feel your stomach muscles contracting with each 'ha.'

Scale exercise

'Lee' broken chord exercise

Make sure the 2nd half of this exercise is really slidey - it doesn't sound nice and it doesn't have to!

Teaching and Learning Resources

Here you can find our ever growing teaching resources page. It is still under construction, and we will add to it over time. 

We will have vocal warm-ups, as well as pieces for students and classes.

For specific songs, you will find recordings, sheet music and lyrics together. Click on the song name or school below.


Vocal Warm ups

Here are some of the vocal warm-ups I use with students. Please use these to warm up at home. If you would like me to make a copy for your specific vocal range, please get in touch.


Interval Training

If you're working on the 'playback' part of your Trinity Rock and Pop exams, then use this interval training game to help get used to how intervals sound.

On the right of the page, you can customise it to only play intervals that you want to test yourself on. Here are the list of intervals you will have for your grade:


Songs for Students

Page under construction.

Thank you for your patience.

I will post songs that all my vocal students have been working on here shortly.