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News & Recent Info


We have a new term starting 05/02/20 at Woodland Creatures. Click here to book your term pass!


We have finally booked a new venue and announced our new term! It will now be at Woodland Creatures on Leith Walk and the new term will begin on the 25th of September. Click here to secure your spot!




We have been nominated for a HOOP award! We are absolutely thrilled. Thank you SO much to everyone that has made this possible, including Elspeth Alexandra and all the wonderful people who have come to the choir.

Please click here to vote for us! :D


The facebook pages for the tutor page and Melody Mummies has been merged, so it is a much more comprehensive page and it'll be easier to keep you up to date. Check it out:


We had a hugely successful performance at the Social in the Gardens (Princes St Gardens) today. Everyone had such fun and the feedback from the audience was fantastic. Everyone sang beautifully and it was such a great experience!


We are off now for 2 weeks and the new term will start again on the 15th of August 2018.


Up until recently, we have been using a temporary venue while our normal venue has been refurbished. 

We are delighted to announce that we are staying at "The Black Fox by the Shore" (formerly "The Greenhouse," and previously to that, "The Constitution Bar.")

The venue is a wee bit smaller, but the carpet is great for little ones crawling.

We will also be having our last session of term this Wednesday (25th) and restarting again on the 15th of August! We hope to see you then!

Melody Mummies is a fun and friendly choir for mums* with babies.

Run by singing teacher and mother Lynnette Cruickshank

(Founded by Lynnette Cruickshank and personal fitness instructor Elspeth Alexandra).

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Melody Mummies has paused until it is safe to resume. Please sign up to our newsletter to be kept up to date for when we restart!


Please click here for one of the virtual choirs we have done.

*New members are always welcome, including mums, dads, grannies, or indeed, any kind of guardian for the baby!

Here are the details of the choir for when we're back up and running:

We have a comfy play are set up for the babies with toys for them to enjoy. We have a relaxed atmosphere and try to make it so both parent and baby are having a good time. 

Breast and bottle feeders are very welcome.

Stick around for a cuppa and a chat once we've had a sing.



You do not need to be able to sing! 

This is all about some fun for mums*, that babies can also attend. Babies love to hear their mums sing, so they'll be happy either way.

When I first had my daughter, I felt that a large portion of the classes and groups were centred around the babies. This is a mutually beneficial class that focuses more on you than your baby - but babies absolutely LOVE it!

It can also help you bond with your baby.

This is a fantastic socialising opportunity, especially if you're nervous (singing is a great ice-breaker). Singing has also been proven to be excellent for mental health, including post-natal depression. As someone who has suffered from PND, I can highly recommend singing as good for the mind and soul.

We have a fantastic resource where you can listen to the pieces we are working on. This can be used to catch up if you've missed a week or two.

It is also a great help if you want to practice in-between sessions or remind yourself of how parts go. This is especially helpful when we are gearing up to do a performance!

Click here to listen to the backing tracks, both parts

together or both parts separately!

Head on over to The Edinburgh Reporter to see the fantastic article

that was written about us! Including some fabulous images and a

wonderful video (also featured in the gallery above and video below -  

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"We have been coming to choir since the very first session and we have loved it so much - my favourite baby group by far! I've adored singing and the shows have been such a confidence boost. But my "baby" is running around now so it's time for us to stop :( I'll really miss it and all the great mums I've met here! Thank you all for a brilliant 8 months. Lynnette it's been amazing! Your bright idea made my maternity leave so much better."

- Megan